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Emotional Intelligence So Easy Children Can Do It

Think back to when you were a child and your relationships with friends were lighthearted and fun. Chances are, you can remember a time when you joyfully skipped through life… and if somebody ruffled your feathers, you could easily shake it off.

Why does it now seem that our relationships require much more work to maintain now that we’ve grown up? Why do we seek out seek out a means of building emotional intelligence when we were such a natural at it back when we were kids?

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Unlock the Hidden Secret Of Developing Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to actually seeing benefits in your personal and professional life through developing emotional intelligence, there’s a hidden obstacle that prevents all of those tools and techniques from paying off in the long run. This obstacle is the subconscious mind.

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What Makes a Good Emotional Intelligence Training Course?

Rightfully, eyes are turning more and more towards understanding (and ideally… increasing) emotional intelligence through emotional intelligence training. Many of us recognise that standard measures of aptitude and performance only paint part of the picture.

Also, we clearly see people who demonstrate a profound EQ. These are the people who handle difficult situations and difficult people with ease, who remain calm and centred in the face of strong adversity.

Not only would we like to know what their secret is, we’d like to pass this knowledge on throughout our entire organisation. That makes for good business. Plus, that just makes our environment more harmonious and fun to work in.

But the big question is:

How do you identify a good emotional intelligence training course?

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Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman is an author, psychologist and a science journalist. He has written the books ‘ Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Ecological Intelligence’, ‘Social Intelligence’ as well as several other books.

With a background of a scholarship to Harvard to study clinical psychology, he became interested in the human mind in all fields of psychology. Greatly influenced by his mentor David McClelland, you can see aspects of this in Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence book and other works, he then spent a lot of time in India studying ancient meditative techniques. By looking at emotional intelligence in this way he has been able to apply this knowledge to other situations especially how relationships, be it at work or home, are affected by your emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Literacy The First Step To Emotional Intelligence

Emotional literacy is the ability to put emotions in to words. It is fair to say once you have put what you are feeling in to words you have identified this feeling now you can make an action upon it.

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What Is Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?  It’s your ability to identify and reason with emotions, how you can control emotions to enhance thought. It is now becoming much better known and written about since a lot of tests have shown that your emotional intelligence can dramatically affect how much success you will encounter.

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Emotional Intelligence EI – A Different View

It seems that the abbreviation everyone used to use for emotional intelligence was always ‘EQ.’

I suppose the reasoning behind the slight misnaming was to draw a parallel to the measurement of intelligence quotient, thereby suggesting to those who value IQ measurements shift their attention to the value of evaluating and enhancing EQ.

Besides, EQ has a nice ring to it.

However, I see lately that the proper abbreviation for emotional intelligence EI is used more and more. And it got me thinking…

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The Measure of Emotional Intelligence

To start off, I have a quick question to ask you…

Why do you want to achieve emotional intelligence?

In other words, what is your goal?

I ask this question to put your focus back on you. You see, if you look at the studies of emotional intelligence you can easily get lost in all the highly technical definitions and disagreements.

Stop and discriminate for a moment. When you focus on the debates and the theories, does that lead you into experiencing emotional intelligence for yourself?

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