Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence coaching will give you the ability to understand both yours and others motivations, emotions and concerns in the workplace and will unlock the potential for maximising business performance.

Whether you are looking to take your own career to new heights or use your new skills to develop high performance teams, an understanding and ability to apply emotional intelligence principals can radically reshape your personal effectiveness in the workplace.

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Unlock the Hidden Secret Of Developing Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to actually seeing benefits in your personal and professional life through developing emotional intelligence, there’s a hidden obstacle that prevents all of those tools and techniques from paying off in the long run. This obstacle is the subconscious mind.

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Emotional Intelligence EI – A Different View

It seems that the abbreviation everyone used to use for emotional intelligence was always ‘EQ.’

I suppose the reasoning behind the slight misnaming was to draw a parallel to the measurement of intelligence quotient, thereby suggesting to those who value IQ measurements shift their attention to the value of evaluating and enhancing EQ.

Besides, EQ has a nice ring to it.

However, I see lately that the proper abbreviation for emotional intelligence EI is used more and more. And it got me thinking…

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