EQ Accreditation

Full E-Scale Accreditation Course, facilitated directly by the co-founder

Take the powerful technology of E-Scale and conduct your own in-house programme using this most innovative Emotional Intelligence profiling system to date.

As an accredited E-Scale practitioner, you are provided with comprehensive tools and step-by-step guidelines to effectively assess and administer development programmes for positive change.

You will literally possess a road map to customising each participant’s development programme.

During the course of four life-changing days, you’ll get to know your own strengths at a deeper level as you experience, first-hand, the profound change processes you can offer your people through E-Scale.

  • The E-Scale was co-created by Pierre Bester and refined for over 10 years by a team of experienced executive coaches, facilitators and psychologists from all over the world.
  • You will participate in a 4-Day Accreditation Course, in which Pierre guides you through using all the tools you need to increase productivity through your own internal programme.
  • Developed for in-house Corporate Development and Training, as well Executive Coaches, the E-Scale cuts to the core issues very quickly and deeply which will dramatically increase the speed and effectiveness of your coaching.
  • The E-Scale allows you to prioritise the most pressing challenges to produce the biggest improvements.

The Full E-Scale Accreditation Course gives you the ability to:

  • Generate E-Scale reports for your staff as a foundation for all coaching, training and development programmes.
  • Interpret and debrief the results of the E-Scale reports with your clients.
  • Gain quick, yet deep insight into your client’s emotional intelligence structures, areas of growth, personal and interpersonal challenges, and paths of development.
  • Use the E-Scale client development plan as a guide to increasing your client’s emotional intelligence.
  • Access a comprehensive model of human behaviour that is both dynamic and accurate.
  • Stimulate self-correction and self-generated learning within your clients for long-term performance improvement.
  • Develop practical case studies and practice sessions.

This 4-Day Course also includes:

  • A concise and comprehensive E-Scale Manual and Course Material
  • 4 free E-Scale reports for completing the case studies (worth over £250)
  • 4 days accommodation in a 4-star hotel with bed and breakfast
    Catered lunch and dinner for the full four days
  • Ongoing support for 12 months via telephone and email
  • Monthly development conference calls with one of the course teachers for 12 months

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The entire cost of the 4-day course including all accommodation and meal costs is £3,447+VAT.

To book your place or request further information, please contact:

Damien Deighan
+44(0)121 289 3288

Your no risk, unconditional money back guarantee

When you do the E-Scale accreditation course with us, we want you to feel you’re getting your money’s worth and that you got what you came for. Your money-back, unconditional, no-guilt/no-risk guarantee is the fairest way we can think of to make sure that happens.

If you attend our course, and feel by the end of the first day that it is not what you had hoped for, simply return the course materials and we will provide you with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle refund within 30 days. (Please note we cannot refund the hotel & accommodation portion of this but we will refund your course fee component in its entirety.)

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