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Overcome the problems with traditional profiling

If you’re like most Organisation Professionals, you’ve looked for profiling tools that enable you to help your staff develop greater skills and awareness so your organisation achieves its goals and gain a competitive advantage.

But, what have you discovered? Few to none of these tools actually deliver what they promise.

And you may have had no choice but to bear the frustration over trying to make these profiling systems support your development programmes. They simply fail to meet your expectations.

Finally, a profiling solution that fulfills your goals

As with all forms of development, things move on and inevitably a giant leap of progress happens. In the field of people development, this giant leap has taken the form of a new way to profile.

For example: Toyota successfully used a radically different Emotional Intelligence profiling solution in their development instead of traditional personality preference approaches and achieved the following results: 92% increase in EVA (economic value added), 35% increase in productivity, and 25% increase in customer service. The solution Toyota used is called the E-Scale.

You can do the same using a new technology, called E-Scale.

What exactly is the E-Scale and why is it different than anything you’ve tried before?

  • Whereas most personality profiling tools get stuck on outlining preferences and traits, the E-Scale is a systematic emotional intelligence development programme that reveals how and why we develop our personality preferences, our patterns of thinking and feeling, and our habits of response.

  • The E-Scale therefore reveals why we get stuck in negative and self-defeating cycles of interaction that hinder organizational performance.
  • In doing so the E-Scale provides practical and bespoke development tasks that shift your people out of the patterns that hamper productivity, teamwork and performance.
  • Using clear language and real world illustrations the E-Scale cuts deeply, quickly and effectively to the key strengths and development needs of each individual.
  • The E-Scale moves beyond profiling to rapidly highlight the most salient issues and directions for performance coaching and deeper personal development.

Here is just a short list of companies using the E-Scale…

Toyota, Shell, Deloitte, NHS, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss, BP, British American Tobacco, Nedbank, Absa Bank, Sanlam, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, Discovery Health, Woolworths, Adcock Ingram Pharmaceutical


An in-house process for sustainable change

The E-Scale system enables you to develop and maintain your own in-house emotional intelligence programme. What makes the E-Scale unique is the manner in which it moves beyond profiling to set a targeted and meaningful development process in motion.

Conversely, what most other profiling tools do is apply a ‘test and tell’ approach where the assessor gives predetermined results to participants in a unilateral fashion.

Participants stand as passive recipients to these results, which may or may not even fit with their experience. This often creates skepticism and low engagement towards the whole development process.

However, when you take the E-Scale accreditation course, you equip yourself with the skills, knowledge and practical resources to tactfully implement a development process that puts you in direct collaboration with your participating staff.

The E-Scale report debriefing process promotes an exploratory conversation that identifies the participant’s experiences across various contexts.

This exploration allows you to kick-start the actual change process by encouraging the participant to critically examine the motivations and thinking patterns that underpin their behaviours and reactions in a range of situations.

Click here to learn how the E-Scale can easily create an instant in-house process for sustainable change in your organisation.

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