Executive Coaching

Powerful Executive Coaching

Our team of experienced E-Scale accredited executive coaches are highly skilled in providing practical and deep-level individual coaching services at executive and middle management level.

Our one-to-one executive coaching approach delivers quick and immediate insight into the behaviours, thought patterns, and emotional drivers that hamper leadership potential and performance.

Our coaches are primarily focused on supporting you to quickly translate accurate self-awareness into practical development tasks that express your potential and shift you beyond current limitations.

The One-to-one Coaching Process:

Effective coaching will and should always take you on a journey of change that is both challenging and inspiring.

It should also take you confidently to your chosen destination, with measurable results along the way that reinforce you’re heading in the right direction.

To help you navigate this journey effectively our coaches utilise the powerful E-Scale assessment process as the foundation for coaching.

This is how it works:

  • You complete the E-scale questionnaire and then receive a comprehensive E-Scale Feedback and/or Leadership Report outlining your behavioural style, strengths and key areas of development
  • The E-scale reports set the stage for the coaching process and from the outset provide an in-depth and detailed description of the specific personal and interpersonal challenges you are facing
  • The first coaching contact session of 90 minutes is dedicated to carefully debriefing the report content
  • The report debrief creates the context for defining your desired outcomes of the coaching process
  • The first session is therefore also used to focus and clarify an individual development plan based on assessment results and the agreed upon desired coaching outcomes

Parameters of the Coaching Process:

  • Although we try to accommodate the specific needs of individuals, the best results are achieved from  extending the coaching process over a 6 month period during which your coach will provide a 90-minute contact session every two weeks
  • Our coaches strongly encourage a two-way feedback process and an ongoing evaluation of the direction and progress of the coaching process
  • Clients are also encouraged to monitor their own progress and to take responsibility for the required change, with support from their coach

Benefits of Executive Coaching:

  • Clear and in-depth exploration of the empowering and self-limiting behaviours, thinking patterns, and emotional drivers that shape your leadership style
  • Gaining insight and honest feedback about the personal and inter-personal development tasks that will maximize your potential and effectiveness as a leader
  • An ongoing structure of support and accountability that enhances your ability to self-correct and self-generate solutions to leadership challenges
  • A relationship of trust, respect and confidentiality in which to build confidence, emotional competence, and self-mastery

Key Principles of Coaching:

  • A Foundation of Relationship – At the heart of truly effective coaching is a mutually trusting and respectful relationship between coach and client. We move beyond mere tools and techniques to collaborative with you in an authentic and human partnership.
  • A Practical Focus – After establishing a development plan with clearly defined goals and outcomes, you and your coach will move quickly towards translating E-Scale assessment insights into practical development tasks. Ongoing and two-way feedback will ensure that your change process stays on track.
  • Two-Way Learning – Coaching is a mutually engaged process that develops both client and coach towards higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Context – Our coaches recognise the uniqueness of each individual and their context. They are committed to honour and respect your beliefs, commitments, concerns and hopes, and to adjust their approach accordingly.
  • Authorship – Our coaches do not position themselves as ‘all-knowing’ experts on your story of change, but rather encourage you to access your inherent resources and potential. Our coaches are experts on the ‘process’ of coaching, but you ultimately remain the author of the change and growth you choose to pursue

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