Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence coaching will give you the ability to understand both yours and others motivations, emotions and concerns in the workplace and will unlock the potential for maximising business performance.

Whether you are looking to take your own career to new heights or use your new skills to develop high performance teams, an understanding and ability to apply emotional intelligence principals can radically reshape your personal effectiveness in the workplace.

Research has proved that a more person-centred approach leads to the ability to retain a motivated team who achieves peak productivity and performance.

Who is emotional intelligence coaching for?

Emotional intelligence coaching can be for the benefit of an individual, giving you self-insight into your unique way of operating in the world. It enables you to reach higher levels of self-mastery by developing new ways in which you can live a more fulfilling life and perform at your highest potential both in your personal and professional life.

Emotional intelligence coaching can be more broadly used for anyone where knowledge of the behavioural patterns of their employees/clients and the ability to predict behaviour would be an advantage. e.g. executive or personal coaches, leadership and team facilitators, executive management, human resource practitioners, etc. In this case the individual is undertaking coaching not only to benefit themselves but their team around them.emotional intelligence coaching

Different approaches have been adopted to coach people to understand emotional intelligence and different tools and assessment criteria used as a result.

Find out more about the emotional intelligence coaching model used by us and how it can turn your business around. Click the link below.

Emotional Intelligence Courses

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