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Emotional Intelligence ReportYou are about to discover how you can harness the power of Emotional Intelligence

One of the most essential ingredients in business success today.

You’ve heard that emotional intelligence can make a huge impact to business performance. So naturally you want to master your understanding of EI and use it to make a real impact in the workplace ….

So, where do you go to unlock the power of Emotional Intelligence in your own organisation?

How do you take the raw concepts of Emotional Intelligence and turn it into a practical framework that can be used throughout your organisation to enhance business performance? And who’s going to show you how to develop your own EI and maximise your potential?

Take your first step to unlock Emotional Intelligence … download our free report now.

We give you a comprehensive introduction to the world of EI and explain just how you can use it in your everyday personal and working life.  Within it, we reveal an extraordinary framework for understanding yourself, your colleagues and the “personality mix” of your team or organisation.

Find out:

  • Why is Emotional Intelligence essential for business success
  • The connection between the Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence
  • What is the Enneagram and why is it so powerful
  • How the Enneagram has involved into the perfect business tool: The E-Scale
  • How Toyota used the E-scale to successfully increase productivity

And how you can use the E-Scale to enhance Emotional Intelligence throughout your entire organisation?

Don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what others say about our EI tools and methods:

“Speaking personally and professionally [it] is a profound tool for growth”

Ceri Oliver-Evans, Director Leadership & Public Values, Graduate School of Business University of Cape Town

“A highly effective method to boost company performance.”

Janine Everson, Academic Director of the Centre for Coaching, UCT Graduate School of Business

“It is like having a tailor made solution for each unique individual that allows them to learn at their pace”.

Hylton Bannon, Toyota Tsusho Africa

Download our free report now and discover how you can unlock the power of emotional intelligence to inspire others and make a difference in your business.

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