Emotional Intelligence Training

When it comes to emotional intelligence training, I don’t think there’s anyone who believes that EI is an ability that one is just born with. I could be wrong, but I’m sure just about everyone out there truly believes that emotional intelligence is a skill that can be learned.

Granted some of us may look at certain people and say… “Nope, anybody else can learn emotional intelligence… except them. They’ll just never get it.”

We won’t go there.

But for now let’s say that emotional intelligence training is more than just a good idea. It’s a practical and learnable skill that any of us has the capacity to master.

Now, let me switch tracks for a second and explain something about the mind.

The mind primarily works in pictures. What I mean is if I say, “Don’t fall down,” you get a picture of what?…

Falling down.

Also, if you notice something about the example above, the mind doesn’t register the word ‘don’t’ (or ‘not’). It goes straight to the picture of the subject. It’s like saying, “Don’t think of an elephant.”

And in that respect, the mind is literal. In other words, to the degree that I don’t like one person, to an equal (maybe not so obvious) degree, I don’t like people in general. And if I’m a person, maybe to that same degree, I don’t like myself.

Clearly we see this all the time in people who demonstrate emotional intelligence. People who tend to be comfortable around others are also comfortable around themselves. And vice versa.

And this is the great thing when it comes to helping others and promoting emotional intelligence training throughout your organisation.

It puts you in the position to come from true sense of giving. And in turn, you get to become an equal beneficiary to all of the benefits. As you realise your own gains achieved in emotional intelligence training, you in turn promote that positivity back upon everyone else around you.

It creates an upward spiral that makes life throughout your organisation better and better.

Now, this isn’t some feel-good theory. It’s simply how the mind works and it doesn’t get more practical than this.

And when it comes to emotional intelligence training, and showing everyone how to master their mind and emotions, the best methods are the ones that are simple and practical.

This whole discussion goes back to something we’ve talked about before.

In order to experience true emotional intelligence… true happiness… true peace of mind, nothing ever needs to be learned.

The only thing that is required is to discover all of the negative feelings that may be getting in the way, pulling them up and letting them go.

When the negative feelings—the negative feelings that cause us to behave oppositely of genuine emotional intelligence training—are removed, all that remains is the leading example of effortless emotional intelligence.

Simple.emotional intelligence training

And this simplicity is exactly what makes emotional intelligence training accessible to everyone in your organisation.

So think for a moment about someone in your organisation that you may have previously dismissed as a viable candidate for emotional intelligence training. Now just imagine them dropping whatever frame of thinking, whatever behaviour, whatever negativity that they’ve been demonstrating. Instead, imagine them easily and effortlessly transforming themselves into a picture of perfect emotional intelligence.

Does it feel better to hold that picture in mind? Does it feel more open and positive internally when holding in mind possibilities and openness for others?

And who’s the beneficiary of that nice feeling?

There’s a reason to promote emotional intelligence training throughout your organisation. It benefits others and it benefits you.

To learn more about how easy it is, go ahead and download our free report.

Emotional Intelligence Training

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