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E-Scale Process for Developing Emotional Intelligence

Our web-based assessment report, the E-Scale, is a powerful profiling system being used by corporations, such as: Johnson & Johnson, Shell and Toyota to develop Emotional Intelligence throughout their organisations.

If you are looking to improve your Leadership qualities or develop your Emotional Intelligence to further your personal and professional goals, then E-Scale offers you a quick assessment and a detailed development plan.

For a limited time, we’re offering a unique opportunity for you to fully experience a powerful new method for developing emotional intelligence, using the E-Scale profiling process.

Find out for yourself how this profound methodology can transform your ability to expand human potential throughout your organisation.  Many of the worlds most successful organisations are now using E-Scale for emotional intelliegence development after traditional profiling systems failed to meet their expectations.

Here’s why…

Developing Emotional Intelligence

The E-Scale system moves beyond traditional profiling and sets a targeted and meaningful development process in motion.

Most profiling tools do nothing more than attempt to describe personality traits and preferences. The E-Scale takes you far deeper through a systematic process for developing emotional intelligence that reveals how and why we develop our personality preferences, our patterns of thinking and feeling, as well as our habits of response.

The E-Scale therefore reveals why we get stuck in negative and self-defeating cycles that hinder our performance.

More importantly, the E-Scale provides practical and bespoke development tasks that shift your people out of the patterns that hamper productivity, teamwork and performance.

Here’s what you get from this experience of developing emotional intelligence…

  • You get to participate in the exact same process your clients/people will undergo, giving you the hands-on experience of what you will be able to deliver.
  • Discover a whole new evaluation system with questions that are straight forward and engaging, yet deep and relevant.
  • Receive a feedback report using plain English and real world illustrations that allow you to quickly gain deep insight into your key strengths, as well as the areas of development that will give you the greatest and fastest gains.
  • Receive a full 90 minute coaching session on your E-Scale results by one of our expert facilitators and uncover hidden blocks and opportunities that can enable you to move to a whole new level of personal awareness and effectiveness.

Developing Emotional Intelligence with E-ScaleThe E-Scale profiling and coaching process for developing emotional intelligence is a service we normally charge at £375 per individual.

We know that you’ve probably had your fair share of frustration in getting profiling tools to fulfill your needs.  During this limited offer, we’re giving you the opportunity to fully evaluate the E-Scale free of charge so you can see the difference for yourself.

Because this is a legitimate service that utilises our time and resources, we must qualify that the E-Scale is the right fit for you and your organisation.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you for a quick discussion and to schedule a time for your evaluation and coaching session.

This free offer is specifically intended for:

  • HR Professionals in the public and private sector
  • Leadership Development Coaches and Facilitators
  • People involved in assessing and developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Independent Executive coaches
  • Anyone involved in training, learning and development
  • Managers, Directors or other professionals who are interested in an Emotional Intelligence coaching programme to help them in developing emotional intelligence in their organisation

The offer is not intended for:

  • Curious observers who want to obtain free profiling
  • People looking for personal development or life coaching tools – The E-Scale is specifically tailored to the work environment and its language and structure are mostly relevant to this context
  • People who have no real intention of developing emotional intelligence, through assessment and/or coaching

The sooner you apply, the better… we will handle the requests strictly on a first-come, first-served basis to provide a fair opportunity to all those who qualify.

So why are we offering this free of charge?

After downloading the free Emotional Intelligence Report from our website many people have expressed a strong interest in experiencing the E-scale profiling process for themselves.

We therefore want to help you determine whether the E-Scale is a good fit for you and your organisation. We are confident that once you have experienced the power of the E-Scale for yourself you will want to use it further in your organisation and/or coaching.

However there is absolutely zero obligation with this offer.  Of course we want you to discover a whole new way of developing emotional intelligence for yourself and your organisation, but whether you think the E-Scale is a good fit for you or not, we will be happy either way.