Reframing The Emotional Intelligence Definition

We previously took a close look at how the mind works just like a computer when it comes to accumulating mental programs.

Almost everyone incorporates this image into his or her emotional intelligence definition.

It’s a great way to look at the mind. It simplifies our concept of how the mind operates and allows us to develop a more experiential sense of our own emotional intelligence definition.

It’s easy to see how our belief systems and behaviours work just like computer programs. Through past decisions, we form ideas and beliefs and those beliefs continue to run until we make a determined decision to stop them.

As such, we see a lot of solutions out there for dealing with programs that we don’t want. What’s their solution? Reprogram yourself.

The problem is… that doesn’t work.

emotional intelligence definition

Yes, the mind works like a computer. But you are not your mind—therefore, YOU are not a computer.

Here’s my best attempt to reframe this emotional intelligence definition. I hope it makes sense.

Let’s take a practical look at the whole idea of programming and reprogramming your mind to do what you want.

A program in the mind is automatic behaviour. It sounds like a good idea at times… it can be a thinking-saver, an energy-saver, a directive, a set of instructions that you can set and forget…

Which highlights one of the problems: you can forget that the program went in, yet it continues to run, whether you want it to or not.

A mental program—which really is just a past decision, consciously made at one point, now unconsciously running—can easily get out of control. It can result in becoming immobilized, sabotaging success, selling out, insecurity, phobias, and conflicts.

Now, if you closely examine the nature of programming yourself (your mind), what you are in fact doing is removing yourself of responsibility over your consciousness.

You’re taking yourself out of the drivers seat.
You’re taking away your control.

Therefore, what if instead of reprogramming yourself… you simply removed ALL of the programs?

Yes. Even the positive ones.

Because even a positive program is just an automatic behaviour placed into the mind. As such, it instils a measure of forgetfulness of who you are. It takes a measure of control out of your hands.

Even a seemingly good program (or automatic behaviour) isn’t always appropriate in all situations. Relying on any sort of automated behaviour removes your ability to discriminate in the moment and act intuitively to a given situation.

So, this is the point.

Just take it for consideration that programming yourself isn’t the ultimate solution. Certainly not if your goal is to completely master your mind and demonstrate the highest levels of emotional intelligence.

I know there are many methods out there which use mental programming to do a lot of good. I honestly don’t want to tell you that they are wrong. I’m just pointing in a higher direction for your consideration.

That’s why I refer to this as a reframing of the emotional intelligence definition.

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