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The Secret Ingredient to Emotional Literacy

One of our objectives here is to present you with some discriminating questions about emotional literacy so you can come up with your own answers.

We’ve also pointed out that, while there’s so much material and many courses that offer to teach emotional literacy, the vast majority of that material doesn’t fully take you to the end result you’re looking for.

Yet through all of that, we’ve hinted that the programmes offered by Powerful Organisations teaches emotional literacy at a level beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.

Here’s why the courses at Powerful Organisations work while others you’ve tried fall short…

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Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman is an author, psychologist and a science journalist. He has written the books ‘ Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Ecological Intelligence’, ‘Social Intelligence’ as well as several other books.

With a background of a scholarship to Harvard to study clinical psychology, he became interested in the human mind in all fields of psychology. Greatly influenced by his mentor David McClelland, you can see aspects of this in Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence book and other works, he then spent a lot of time in India studying ancient meditative techniques. By looking at emotional intelligence in this way he has been able to apply this knowledge to other situations especially how relationships, be it at work or home, are affected by your emotional intelligence.

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