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What Makes a Good Emotional Intelligence Training Course?

Rightfully, eyes are turning more and more towards understanding (and ideally… increasing) emotional intelligence through emotional intelligence training. Many of us recognise that standard measures of aptitude and performance only paint part of the picture.

Also, we clearly see people who demonstrate a profound EQ. These are the people who handle difficult situations and difficult people with ease, who remain calm and centred in the face of strong adversity.

Not only would we like to know what their secret is, we’d like to pass this knowledge on throughout our entire organisation. That makes for good business. Plus, that just makes our environment more harmonious and fun to work in.

But the big question is:

How do you identify a good emotional intelligence training course?

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What Is Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?  It’s your ability to identify and reason with emotions, how you can control emotions to enhance thought. It is now becoming much better known and written about since a lot of tests have shown that your emotional intelligence can dramatically affect how much success you will encounter.

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