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Emotional Intelligence And the Mind

Have you noticed that one of the nice things about the study of emotional intelligence and the mind is that it seeks to cut straight to the truth?

The truth about who we are…

The truth behind what’s required to achieve a stable peace of mind…

The whole study of emotional intelligence is focused on getting solid, practical results. After all, the study of emotional intelligence has been around a long time, in psychology, in psychiatry, even religion.

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The Measure of Emotional Intelligence

To start off, I have a quick question to ask you…

Why do you want to achieve emotional intelligence?

In other words, what is your goal?

I ask this question to put your focus back on you. You see, if you look at the studies of emotional intelligence you can easily get lost in all the highly technical definitions and disagreements.

Stop and discriminate for a moment. When you focus on the debates and the theories, does that lead you into experiencing emotional intelligence for yourself?

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