The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence Certification

In this article I will discuss emotional intelligence certification and its relevance to developmental programmes.  Some of our previous articles have already addressed the reasons behind why emotional intelligence is so important to businesses, and indeed in our lives.  We have also addressed the need to select a suitable emotional intelligence test, based on a model that is relevant and effective, to aid the development of emotional intelligence.

Many methods of development that are commercially available run their own accreditation programme.  Emotional intelligence certification is important in a few ways.

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Quality assurance and credibility are key to carrying out emotional intelligence development.  Any practitioner delivering emotional intelligence training and/or development needs to be highly skilled.  Emotional intelligence developmental work often requires interpretation of emotional intelligence test results and this implies knowledge of the test and the ability to explain certain observed trends that have emerged.  For the same reason, emotional intelligence training should only be carried out by certified professionals.  A coach or HR professional has to demonstrate requisite knowledge in performing coaching and development work before carrying out any real work.  Emotional intelligence certification courses will help provide this person with training in the background behind test methods, the interpretation of test results and the provision of improvement plans.  Additionally, possession of an emotional intelligence certification gives the coach or trainer credibility when conducting assessments and developmental work, allowing him/her greater recognition as well as showing professionalism in approach.

It can be advantageous for coaches’ personal development if they have emotional intelligence certification in more than one model.  It builds up their knowledge base and puts them in a better position to offer services to a greater market segment.  Trained professionals with wide-ranging emotional intelligence knowledge and who are certified to utilise a few different tools will be more useful to an organisation, and they will also find it easier to change jobs by being less restricted in their knowledge and experience.

Emotional intelligence certification also benefits the test developers in many ways.  Firstly, it ensures their products are used in the correct manner by end-users.  Secondly, it is a means to obtain good quality feedback.  Personnel with emotional intelligence certification gain a lot of experience utilising the tools, and are well-placed to relate their experiences and improvement suggestions back to the developers.  Thirdly, emotional intelligence certification enables test developers to keep track of the popularity of their products.  By allowing only certified personnel access to analytical tools, or to commission a test report, developers can gauge how useful their product is to the market.  Ensuring commercial viability through emotional intelligence certification also gives developers the means to continue their work in improving test processes and conducting more research into this area.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder that certification is the first step to bringing about development in emotional intelligence.  From the various emotional intelligence models, pick one you feel is most suited to you or your organisation, and be on your way to gaining an emotional intelligence certification!

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