The Measure of Emotional Intelligence

To start off, I have a quick question to ask you…

Why do you want to achieve emotional intelligence?

In other words, what is your goal?

I ask this question to put your focus back on you. You see, if you look at the studies of emotional intelligence you can easily get lost in all the highly technical definitions and disagreements.

Stop and discriminate for a moment. When you focus on the debates and the theories, does that lead you into experiencing emotional intelligence for yourself?

When you’re delving into the realm of feelings and mastering emotions, doesn’t it make sense that the only understanding that brings you any benefit whatsoever is experiential understanding?

Are you going to experience emotional intelligence by talking about it… by reading about? And if you’re reading about it, have you considered whether or not the authors have achieved emotional intelligence, themselves.

I apologise for all the questions—I only bring them up so that each of us can exercise our own discrimination.

Only you know the answers that are right for you.

Which leads back to the original question…

Take a look at your goal in achieving emotional intelligence, whether it’s:

  • Enhancing your abilities and effectiveness
  • Perceiving emotions and motives in others
  • Managing emotions and behaviours in yourself and others
  • Developing better personal and professional relationships
  • Becoming socially aware
  • Becoming Self Aware

The list can go on and on. In truth, what you’re really seeking the answer to is the answer to life. As such, this is not an answer that will be found through academic debate. Would you agree?

So that’s why it’s important to keep your focus inward because the only way you are going to get the answer is by experiencing it.

That’s the best way to learn anything, isn’t it… through personal experience?

With that in mind, I want to encourage you, as the reader, not to believe anything I say… not believe anything that we say as Powerful Organisations… and not believe what anybody else says.

Taking something on blind faith, especially in business and academics, does you no good unless you can prove it to yourself.

So I simply invite you to take whatever is said here for checking. Check it out. See if it resonates with you. And most importantly… prove what you know to be true!

Now back to the topic…

Regardless of your specific goals in which you would like to master emotional intelligence, what are you really looking for—the bottom line?

What is it that every person on this planet is looking for?

The answer I suggest, and check it out for yourself, is…

Happiness with no sorrow.


Complete imperturbability—where no one and no thing can ever disturb you.

Isn’t that simple?

After all, why do you want to be successful in business? Why do you want more effortless performance? Why do you want better relationships? Why do you want to avoid hassles and hostilities?

So you can relax… feel safe and secure… be in control of your surroundings… all of that so you can simply be happy.

And a true measure of how masterful you are over your emotions is how imperturbable you are in the face of any situation—regardless of what it is.

The happiness I’m talking about goes way beyond the airy-fairy, feel-good talk that you see in the self-help circles. I’m talking about the real, practical emotional competency that produces results in life and in business.

The real point here is to start looking in the right direction. When it comes to emotional intelligence, the only place to look in order to gain a real understanding is within. You’re not going to find the answer in a textbook.

The next step is to turn your understanding your reality… and doing it in a way where you see real effects in the world.

You get to operate like a true scientist. You get to set your own standards for proving what’s true for you.

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