What Makes a Good Emotional Intelligence Training Course?

Rightfully, eyes are turning more and more towards understanding (and ideally… increasing) emotional intelligence through emotional intelligence training. Many of us recognise that standard measures of aptitude and performance only paint part of the picture.

Also, we clearly see people who demonstrate a profound EQ. These are the people who handle difficult situations and difficult people with ease, who remain calm and centred in the face of strong adversity.

Not only would we like to know what their secret is, we’d like to pass this knowledge on throughout our entire organisation. That makes for good business. Plus, that just makes our environment more harmonious and fun to work in.

But the big question is:

How do you identify a good emotional intelligence training course?

In my honest opinion, the biggest determiner for a good emotional intelligence training course is whether or not they’re talking at you versus showing you how to do it.

Many of these organisations that promote their emotional intelligence training courses often parrot good ideas.

They say all the right things, like…

“You must develop empathy.”

“If you’re stressed out, take a time-out and relax.”

“Fix what irritates you.”

Okay, great. I see that they’re telling me what to do, but can they show me?

Look very closely to see what they offer in the way of actually showing you how to walk the talk.

Oftentimes, you will see where they are coming from if their whole emotional intelligence training course is based on studying the mind and studying behaviours. There’s nothing wrong with studying, but this sort of material needs to be learned experientially.

It would be like trying to learn how to swim by reading a book about swimming. You’re not going to fully understand it until you jump into the pool with both feet.

Another thing to look out for is when these organisations list the benefits and results that aren’t really results. Their results are limited to things like, “Gaining a deeper understanding” or “Developing a plan.”

Those aren’t results. You want to demonstrate a decisively increase in emotional intelligence, don’t you? Look closely to see what they are really offering and if they stand behind the results they promise.

The next step is… if they truly give you tools and processes to use throughout the emotional intelligence training course… is gaining a sense of how useful those tools are.

Do their tools and processes seem basic and obvious? Do they seem like cheap tricks?

Just ask yourself if those tools are easy to implement? Are they practical? And, most importantly, do they produce real-world results?

Just use your common sense. Would you walk away from that emotional intelligence training course with the ability to develop and increase your emotional intelligence whilst on your own?

The reason I bring all of these points up is because there is a bunch of non-content out there.

When it comes to the field of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, it really does take something special to deliver results.

So where can you find a good emotional intelligence training course?

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