The Three Q’s of Business Success… IQ, EQ and KQ

Our KQ also gives us the knowledge of how much force and energy to use in negotiations in order to get what we’re after. KQ therefore focuses us on using power and asserting our inner wants. The strengths of people with a high KQ-preference in the business setting include the knowledge of how to use power and influence, how to establish a sense of position in the market, and how to take effective action.

If you are a person with a high KQ-preference remember that healthy professional relationships require that you assert yourself in a way that does not alienate or exploit those around you. A key development task for you may be to explore your own feelings and take the feelings of others into account before acting on your immediate hunches and instincts. Also, make time to sit back and evaluate the logic of your actions to avoid overly impulsive decisions or knee-jerk reactions. By combining your instincts with information from your thoughts and feelings you can develop all the dimensions of your business relationships and personality.

IQ of Business Success – Head Intelligence

Now let’s take a closer look at those individuals who prefer to filter the world through their mental faculties of analysis, imagination, and thinking. Mental intelligence or IQ is what we use to form our opinions and ideas about life. (NB: IQ is here not so much referring to the traditional IQ scores of mental ability, but rather a preference for how to approach and respond to the world around them). IQ is here considered as the resource that helps us to focus our attention, remember important facts, make future plans, and develop objective perspectives in crisis situations.

The strengths and talents of people with a preference for IQ include the ability to observe and understand situations through their reasoning/analytical abilities and intellect. These individuals are also skilled in envisioning possibilities (or anticipating potential problems) for strategy and organizational functioning. Mental intelligence is also the kind of knowing that we are most familiar with since it forms the basis of technological advancements and scientific research – both essential to business success.

High IQ-preference individuals often have vivid imaginations and report feeling very comfortable in the company of their own thoughts. If you tend to favour your thinking over your feelings and instincts, it is likely that you use thinking and analysis to pre-empt danger or problems. The image that comes to mind here is that of a computer technician who uses troubleshooting and logical analysis to eliminate threats or technical glitches. In business relationships this kind of approach can be very useful, but can also lead to anxiety or a kind of analysis paralysis where you over-think situations, focus on problems only, or act without considering others’ feelings.

High IQ-preference individuals will benefit from exploring the gifts and resources of their feelings and bodily instincts. A good start is to get physically active or take some action. Many people who favour their mental intelligence report a sense of clarity and inner calm when they exercise or move forward from contemplation into action. Instincts are also an alternative decision-making strategy when analysis has left these individuals stuck and anxious about the way forward. Listening to that gut-feeling when doubt sets in and exploring emotions also provide important resources for effective working relationships.

EQ of Business Success – Emotional Intelligence

The third and final type of intelligence that we can use to negotiate our professional relationships is emotional intelligence or EQ. EQ allows us to stay attuned to the feelings and moods of colleagues and clients, but also to that of ourselves. Emotions are the wordless sensations that tell us how we feel rather than what we think about something. Individuals with a high access to EQ have a strong preference for filtering the world through their emotional and relational connections.

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